A humble effort to keep the Indian tradidtion alive for ever



(1) In ancient Indian society Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa spoke of a person's/ Individual's caste, creed, religion and sect.

(2) In ancient times through his Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa, an individual's village, town, region & country could be identified.

(3) Paag-Paaghdi & Saafa were instrumental in recognising an Individual's social,economic and political status.

(4) In ancient times Indain history also speaks of several wars fought for the pride & honour of Paagh-Paaghdi.

(5) "CHANGE THE PAAGHDI" - The history is also a witness to several occasions of exchange of 'Paaghdi' to save its peoples' life & property and to ensure the security of a particular state.

(6) An Individual's wearing of Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa symbolised his valour & to secure its pride & honourwas considered to be an act of bravery.

(7) The information regarding an individual was evident from the manner in which his Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa is tied & drapped. In ancient times, looking to an individual's Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa's sheerelegance & tightness, it could be said whether he was brave or coward, an upright man or honest or a thief.

(8) An insult of Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa was equated with the insult of its bearer - as was believed in ancient times. For its pride & honour, the history speaks of several occasions when blows of swords were exchanged for enemies blood.

(9) In ancient period Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa were considered to be a man's prized belongings, invaluable in nature.

(10) In ancient period, Paagh-Paaghdi and Saafa during the times of personal economic crises wasmortaged.

(11) The information of a person's death during the war for the country's honour was symbolized when a Paagh-Paaghdi of that person was brought with full state honours from the battle field.

(12) In the present age, 'Paaghdi' has acquired importance in terms of paying "paaghdi" to acquire somespace or shope for business. (13) In today's time, 'Paaghdi" has played invaluable role in turning impossible into possible as it is still looked upon as an object of great honour & pride.