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DATE OF BIRTH :1st June 1945
PLACE OF BIRTH :Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh - INDIA


*  Diploma in Dramatics in 1967 - M. S. University of Baroda,India.
*  B. Mus(Dramatics) in 1971 - M.S. University oc Baroda, India.
*  M. Mus(Dramatics) in 1973 - M.S. University of Baroda, India.
*  Certificate Course in Dramatics in 1982 - Theatre Institute of Boston University, USA.
*  Masters Course in Mime in 1982 - Elikans, West Virginia, USA.
*  B.Ed. in 1974 - M.S.University of Baroda, India.
*  Certificate Course in Methodology of Teaching - M.S.University of Baroda, India.
*  Sahitya Sudhakar(Hindi Examination) - Bombay Vidyapith, Bombay, India.
*  Rashtrabhabhsha Kovid(Hindi Examination) - Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha India.
*  Intermediate Drawing Examination - Govt. Maharashtra, India.

  PLAYS DIRECTED : 25 Hindi Plays, 30 Gujarati Plays ans 7 Marathi Plays.
  PLAYS ACTED : Acted in about 37 Plays and 16 Bhavai.

  Short term project on paag, pagdi & safa (U.G.C. New Delhi-1992).

  11 Exhibition held on pag, pagdi & safa in Vadodara and Ahemedabad, Bharuch, New Delhi, and kolcutta.


**  Worked as an assistant to the well-known masters of Gujarati and Marathi Stage like Shri Markand Bhatt, Head, Deparment of Dramatics and Dean, FAculty of Performing Arts, M.S. University of Baroda the Master of Mime Late Shri R.P. Bhatt, the Master of Lighting Shri Yashvant Kelkar and the Master of Set Designing Shri H. J. Parikh and did the wok of Make-up, Set Designing, Lighting, Costume designing etc. in about 16 plays.
**  Particularly worked as Costume Designer for Prof. Barn Hill of U.S.A when he presented the Indianised version of Nacbeth in English titled as 'Rajavishal' when he was in India as 1973.


**  My field and main interest is MIME in Dramatics as well as MIME as an independent Art Form. From the very beginnning I was attracted towars this 'Universally acceptable' Modern French Art Form. So far I have presented over 3000 MIME shows besides having directed, produced and scripted 15 one-act mimed plays based on contemporary and topical themes.
**  Staged one of my two favourite mime preformances at the International Mime and Movement Festival at West Varginia, U.S.A. in 1982. The title of this mime show was 'Lankadahan' from The Ramayana.


Normally, in any Mime presentation in India, light and sound effects are not used and costume and make-up always remain stylised. I have, in my little way, tried to present Mime items with the help of mood lighting and Indian Classical Music played ments only. I also change costume and make-up as per the demands of the character. My one act plays in Mime.


**  My mime show at the InternationalMime and Movement Festival at West Virginai, U.S.A. was so well received that I was again invited to perform there next year.
**  'Madaitya' a one-act mime play scripted and directed by ne and televisioned by Ahmedabad Durdarshan was acclaimed as the Best program of the year.
**  Some International , National and the State Magasine and Newspapers have praised my mime shows.
India Abroad, published from New Yord N.Y.10010(Nov. 1982), Financial Express(Feb. 1982),The Times of India(Tuesday Nov. 1983), Indian Express(tuesday, Oct. 1984), Gujarat Samachar (Thursday. Jan.1982), The Illustrated Weekly of India (June, 26,1982) etc. have praised my Mime Shows.

I have written more than 27 scripts on different subjects to present them on the stage through the medium of Mime. These scripts are not yet published as the 'Dramatics Presentation of Mime' is still now in our country.


I have the honour of meeting some world famous Mime Artists and Dramatics and discuss with them these two art forms are well received because of their universal themes. Depict the Indian characters in local surroudings remaining true to social customs and the way of life. I am, therefore, proud to say that my Mime Show 'Mankadahan' from the Ramayan at the International Mime and Movement Festival at West Virginia, U.S.A. was well received with all its Indianised Innovations. I am of the opinion that the Art of Mime can be used to a tremendous advantage of the deaf and dumb. In this direction I have made some experiments under the apicious of Kamalaben Muk Badhir Vidyalaya, Baroda. Tje students of htis school for the deaf and the dumb actively participated in my mime shows. Their enthusiasm clearly showed me that the Art of Mime can easily be used to develop tremendous self-confidence in these physically handicapped unfortunate class of our society. Through Mime they act in plays and thus statisfy their urge for artistic expressions. Even they can communicate very easily in day-to-day life with certain mimetic gestures. A few of them are :-
(1)  Thomas Leabhart, U.S.A., Master of Corporeal Mime
(2)  Carlo Mazzoneclementi, Itilian Mime Maestro
(3)  E.Reid Gilber, World Renowed American Mime
(4)  Jean Asselin, Canada Mime Omnibus
(5)  Sigfrido Aguillar, Mexico, Master of Comediantes Pantomimea
(6)  Farley Richmond, U.S.A. Dramatist.


**  I have evolved a new method of imparting training in Mime to the deaf and the dumb. With this method they can easily be taught dramatic skills as well as be helped to satisfy their creative urge.
**  I have also evolved new method to create different types of sound effects using differnt ibjesct following the motto, 'the best from the waste'.
**  I have also evolved new methods of preparing stage and props in combination of waste and costly material.
**  I also prepare stage make up material by using very few things comparitively. By this, very good quality material can be made available in one tenth cost.

  WORK EXPERIENCE : Seminars, Workshops and Training Camps

(1)  Conducted Seminar-cun-Workshop on mime from 7th Nov. to 22 Nov. 1983 at Ahmedabad, organised by
      Ellis Bridge Arogya Samiti (Ranga Mandal) Ahmedabad.
(2)  Conducted 'A Mime Acting Workshop'at Rajkot, 1983
(3)  Took part in Akanki Flood Fight Workshop conducted by Shri Tapata Sen on 8th June 1984 organised by
      Sangit Natak Academy, Govt. of Gujarat, Gujarat.
(4)  Conducted Acting Workshop at Gujarat, Gandhinagar.
(5)  Conducted Acting Workshop at Gujarat Narmada Nagar, Bharuch, 1985.
(6)  Co-conducted 'Children Drama Training Camp' organised by the Gujarat State, Sangeet Natak Academy
      from 17th May to 28th May 1983 at Bhavnagar.
(7)  Took part in training camp at Muni ashram, Waghodia on Art of Actin and Mime Acting, organised by
      Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, from 9th June to 10th June 1984.
(8)  Attended summer training camp at Bodeli organised by Sheth T.C. Kapadia Arts, Commerce College,
      Bodeli, Gujarat in 1984.
(9)  Participated and trained the participants of Communal Harmony Rally from Porbandar to Dandi organised
      by Gujarat State Jaycees from 6th Sept. to 15 Sept. 1986.
(10) Trained the Students and Directed the Play "Chhej Te Chhej" by late Shri K. K. Munshi on the
      occassion of K.K Munshi Birth Centenary Celebration organised by Sahitya Vartul, Bharuch on 22nd
      Feb. 1987.
(11) Bal Utsav-2003 organised by Gujarat State Youth Cultural Activities At Gandhinagar.


**  Written , Directed And Presented 37 One-Act Mimeplay.
**  Written , Directed And Presented 99 Skit in Mime.
**  I have also evolved new methods of preparing stage and props in combination of waste and costly material.


I had the honour of interviewing the ex-Primeminister of India, Shri Morarjibhai Desai on 3rd Nov 1978 regarding my Ph.d work on Prof. Padmashri C.C. Mehta.


(1)  Silver Medal for Best Direction 'Phon Karnya Purvi' at One Act Marathi Play Competition in 1976.
(2)  Silve cup and Merit Certificate at All India Youth Festival at Lucknow 1970.
(3)  Merit Certificate from Indian Association of New Orleans, U.S.A.
(4)  Won 4 prizes (1st & 2nd) at the Kolhapur, West Zone Youth Festival of 1985 at Delhi in which 46
      countries and 46 Universities of India participated. The M.S.University presented the winnig skit directed
      by me.
(5)  Honoured by the Gujarat State, Jaycees as the Outstanding Young Person of Gujarat in 9184.
(6)  Gujarat Narmada Auto Ltd. honoured for being a Rider in Communal HArmony Rally on Scooters from
      Porbandar to Dandi.
(7)  In April 1983, Prof. K.C.Mehta Pro Vice Chancellor of the M.S.University of Baroda honoured me under
      the auspices of Vadodara Vidyarthi Sangh for my services in Youth Activities.
(8)  Certificate of Honour from the Mayor and Commisioner of Baroda.
(9)  University Grant Commision Scholarship of Rs.7,000/- for Rearch Project Work 'Paag, Pagdi & Safa'.
(10)  Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy awarded me the Merit Scholarship of Rs.100/-p.m. for two years
(11)  The College of Indian Music, Dance and Dramatics (now known as the Faculty of Preformaing Arts,
      M.S.Universtiy of Baroda) awarded me the Merit Scholarship of Rs. 25/-p.m. in 9169-70 when I was in
      the 3rd year B.Mus.
(12)  I was awarded the Merit Scholarship of Rs.100/- p.m. by the same college in 1971-72 / 1972-73 when I
      was in Junior and Senior M.Mus.
(13)  LIMCA Book of world records for  Biggest Turban - 2001
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